Action Center

Saturday Oct. 8th- "Dueling Pianos" Fundraiser!!

We believe that education is a building block for a good quality of life, that we all win when a child succeeds in school, and that our country's success tomorrow depends on how well we educate our children today.

We believe that every child deserves great schools and great teachers, but they alone are not enough. We believe it also takes strong families, a stable home life and good health.

We believe that high school dropouts are years in the making and that early intervention is the key to success. Our vision is that every child will enter school ready to learn, read proficiently by 4th grade, make a successful transition to middle school, and graduate from high school on time.

We believe in the power of parents, teachers, students, companies, elected officials and members of the community, working together for the common good.

We believe in making choices based on what the research says.

We believe the time to stand up and LIVE UNITED for Education is now—for our kids, our community, and our country.

Take quality time with family to a whole new level by volunteering together? Family volunteering can actually improve communication and bonds among family members as they get to know each other in a new way and discover hidden talents and common interests. Family volunteering also teaches positive values to children and can help create a new generation of dedicated volunteers and engaged citizens.

United Ways across the country offer opportunities to volunteer, especially this time of year.

Learn more about volunteering as a family. Having trouble convincing the kids? Arm yourself with the compelling reasons they’ll enjoy their time as a volunteer.

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